“I think I’ve found my attorney for life.”

Julie and her team were very helpful throughout my case. She has a large caseload, but I couldn’t tell. They were very responsive and at the end of it all I was VERY happy. I think I’ve found my attorney for life. I highly recommend.

Ansyl Carpenter

“If you want to win, you need this law firm to represent you!”

Julie Oinonen is the best lawyer ever. She represented me twice in educational cases and in both instances, I came out on top. In one case, I was awarded 50K in damages, which is unheard of in cases like mine. She is smart, compassionate, and savvy. If you want to win, you need this law firm to represent you!

Cindy Williams

Irreplaceable attorney and a gift to the world.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Attorney Julie for taking my case. During this pandemic, it was not easy finding people who genuinely care and concern for my situation. Attorney Julie was the exception. She displayed the utmost patience and compassion and I know I could not have beat this Covid Long Hauler fight without her. No matter the turn in my case, paperwork requested or deadlines to meet she made sure there was always clear communication between us.

I could not be any happier that Attorney Julie represented me. I had exhausted all my resources, was unable to work due to constant pain and discomfort, experienced extreme medical gaslighting, denied disability and faced eviction. I felt hopeless and defeated at times, but this had no effect on Attorney’s Julie confidence in her ability to help me win my case. Her encouragement and perseverance has been my motivation when I wanted to give up. She stood by my side during this difficult ordeal and I’m truly thankful.

In my opinion, everyone needs an Attorney Julie in their life. She’s someone who is highly skilled, very attentive, bold, firm, yet gentle with a heart of gold. With pleasure, I strongly recommend Attorney Julie and her services.

Thank you Attorney Julie for all your hard work!! Thank you for not giving up on me the days I was too sick or in pain or had no voice to verbally communicate, for handling my case with such expertise, for keeping me informed every step of the way and for ultimately helping me get my case resolved. I am forever grateful! May you continue to see fruits of your labor and may you always be blessed as you have been a blessing to me.



I am a high school teacher and the PSC wanted to revoke my license for a cultural situation that went awry. Ms. Oinonen believed in me and understood that the decision to revoke my teaching license was an unreasonable decision by the PSC. She analyzed the situation subjectively and believed that I deserve to be back in a classroom doing what I do best, which is teaching!! My teaching career could have been over, but thanks to Ms. Oinonen, I will be able to continue teaching in Georgia. She did not sugar coat anything and always kept me informed about my case every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend this guardian angel to anyone in the need of a sound lawyer. Stop wasting time and reading reviews about her -HIRE HER TODAY!


From Lukas Faber:

My gratitude is endless: my daughter Julie 5 years of age is named after you, and I hope she also will be willing to help others in true distress, and will be interested in restoring the nobility in teaching among those who were unjustly beaten down by a broken public school system in GA. You are on my mind as long I teach..

I never thought that miracles and hope can be restored by one person .. I met Julie Oinonen on the most devastating case in my career, which I thought would finish my employment as a teacher due to lies, distortions and illegal practices. I sat in Julie’s office sharing the most unbelievable story, which took place in a public school system in GA when Julie very swiftly uncovered the wrong doings, put a legal name to them and was able to gradually refute every lie, defamatory statement and question every unethical practice I witnessed in school. Short after her involvement intimidations and threats from admin at school suddenly stopped. I was able to change school districts and have been a happy educator for more than a decade, with good TKES evaluations and no issues. Julie would not only solve the legal issues, her strength was the promptness and speed with her communication during some extremely intense and time-sensitive exchanges where her immediate attention was needed. Her prompt calls returned and very realistic assessment of possible attacks by admin was, what truly gave me hope and kept my sanity.. It is no doubt that she saved my career. She cleared my name and made me more aware of pitfalls lurking in education and the public school system. I became a GAE member since working with her and would recommend to every teacher to have some protection. A “thank you“ and legal fees do not even remotely compensate such an outstanding legal mind who fought like a lioness while nursing an inexperienced novice teacher with so much warmth and kindness that I thought I had a “super mom”. Thank you Julie for guiding me so effectively through so much mess in the past and for giving me strength to fight the wrong in the public school system and continue to remain in education and serve my students.

Julie was retained by my advocacy union to defend me. Julie was such an amazing advocate for me; on the day of the hearing before the judge she had a binder of case laws, evidence, and every resource to defend me. Julie was a shark in that hearing; she objected to everything counsel tried to do and would not let DFCS, States Attorney or even the judge get away with anything unscrupulous! I have my job, my license and a clear background because of Julie. Thank you so much Julie for all of your attention and hardworking on my behalf!


Without her I would be incriminated

I have never been involved in a legal battle until now, and I must say that God was shining down his favor on me by leading me to Julie. Her assistance with my fight against a faulty school system that would rather discard their GOOD teachers than to rectify a long-standing issue with redirecting violent students behavior has proven to be invaluable. My case began November 1 and it has finally come to its concluding stage after 3 months of aggressive interrogation from the Public school system at which I worked. Due to the fact that I was still considered an employee at the time, I was not allowed to have legal counsel present during those interrogations. But Julie made sure to prep me before every single meeting; telling me what to expect, how to react to their accusations, and how to defend myself as they made every attempt to Create a form of guilt on my part. Julie was able to intimidate the opposing side so much to where they offered me a $17k+ settlement when they were originally threatening to fire me just 2 days after the incident took place. I had an attorney prior to Julie who was less expensive & much more accessible on an hourly basis. His exact words were “Jasmin, you’re gonna lose. Just resign now and walk away with your reputation”. Before I even retained Julie, she gave me VALUABLE legal insight on my case that would have helped me even if I didn’t use her as my attorney. When I saw how generous she was with her legal insight, I knew that I would be in good hands. I gained a trust in her that I didn’t think I would have. Heads up! Julie is absolutely no nonsense so any superfluous information you give her, she will have a dry & disregarding response to. And if you ask me, I’ll take a super serious WINNING attorney over a friendly LOSING attorney anyday. So don’t take it personally, but she just has blinders on and her soul focus is to win your case. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t express how much Julie has assisted my family and I during this stressful and pressing time. My family and I are now at peace with the outcome and we only have Julie to thank for that.


Julie Oinonen review

Julie handled my employment case. I felt that I had been discriminated against and wrongfully terminated under the guise of a RIF. While I could not afford to pursue a full fledged discrimination lawsuit, Julie worked within my financial parameters and negotiated the full settlement from my employer that we were pursuing. She was very responsive and professional while being very encouraging to me as a professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.


Truly grateful for all that she has done to protect my career

“Julie Oinonen became a driving force that fought for my rights and maximum protection under the fullest extent of the law. She was a glimmer of hope in a time of desperation, and a voice of relief in a complicated predicament. She worked with me to provide services that fit my budget, and kept me informed every step of the way. I am truly grateful for all that she has done to protect my career and to preserve my future. Thank you, Julie!!!”

Former Client

Could never thank you enough

“This is a testimony of the level of of assistance I received when it came to my son. I could never thank you enough because when I came to you I was at a crossroads about my sons future in middle school as well as in High school because of his issues with bullying… Today, my son is in a diverse high school setting thanks to you. Julie, I can never thank you enough because your true passion is in education and serving and empowering our youth. Julie Oinonen, you are truly a blessing! [My son] and I thank you from the bottom of our heart for all that you do, and for caring!!!”

Former Client

They are lawyers you can trust and get the job done quickly and effectively!

“Words couldn’t even express the gratitude I have for Julie Oinonen. She worked hard on my case and truly cared for me and my family. All her hard work paid off. The first lawyer I had spoken with (before I hired Julie) told me I was looking at a winning of maybe four grand max. But the law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC was able to obtain my family well over six figures. They are lawyers you can trust and get the job done quickly and effectively!”

Former Client

She achieved a singular and, in my opinion, far reaching success

“She won a RIF hearing for me. That says it all. I cannot recommend Julie enough. She is passionately intense and sincerely dedicated to securing the interests of her client. But, most importantly, she achieved a singular and, in my opinion, far reaching success when she won my RIF hearing, a very difficult thing to do. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any educator in a similar situation.”

Mr. Lynch

She is a true professional

“First and foremost Julie was honest & attentive with me from our first meeting concerning my case. In addition, she was easily accessible by phone or e-mail throughout the duration of my case. She is a true professional. In the end, she protected my name, reputation, and secured my contract for the upcoming school year. Thanks!!!”

Former Client

I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case

Williams Oinonen LLC was very passionate about my case and never made me feel that my case was insignificant. The law firm worked very hard on my case and constantly kept me updated. In fact, they worked so hard that my case was resolved in 6 months! I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case especially when no other firm thought I even had a case! If I ever need a personal injury lawyer (again), I will retain Williams Oinonen LLC services again.
Thank you for EVERYTHING !!! My family and I can now move on with our lives!”

Former Client

“I give Mrs. Julie Oinonen and Williams Oinonen LLC 10 stars!!!!”

June 2018, I was “Blessed” with the best lawyer, Mrs. Julie Oinonen, of Williams Oinonen LLC. On day one, she told me not to worry, gave me her personal cell number, and began working on my case. I was unjustly fired from a school I had worked for 34 years. They tried to take my livelihood, ruin my reputation, and have all of my certifications taken by the PSC due to lies. She began fighting one case, but 2 1/2 years later, fought and won 5 different lawsuits on my behalf including a Civil Rights and Discrimination lawsuit!

She gave me the best gifts ever–my name back, my livelihood, my self-respect, won 5 lawsuits, and won me a great bonus price tag $$$! She is a “Brilliant” attorney who cares and is dedicated to fighting for what is right and for her clients! She became more than my lawyer! She is my friend whom I am forever grateful to have in my life and to have had on my side! Every time I think about what Mrs. Julie and Williams-Oinonen LLC did for me and my family, I cry, because they went above and beyond the call of a lawyer and Law Firm. They believed in me and saved my life! They are a class act! My prayer is that God will continuously bless them! I give Mrs. Julie Oinonen and Williams Oinonen LLC 10 stars!!!!

Lana Foster

You Can’t Go Wrong With Julie Oinonen

You can rest assured, with Julie as your lawyer. She took my case ‘at the very last hour’ pro bono, and saved my career. I dont know how I would be paying my rent right now or eating if it were not for Julie. Like so many teachers I was in a position where i was unethically being forced to resign. Because of Julie taking a stand for me I did not go one day wihout pay and I was transferred to another school, one that is far better than my previous place of employment. In a career where adminstrative bullies and manipulative co-workers can sabotage your career at any point, it pays to have a lawyer such as Julie Oinonen who will ensure that you and your rights are respected. Julie knows her law and is well connected in the community. She is the Strong Arm of the law! She also took the time to give me professional advice to ensure my success in the future as a teacherl. I believe with Julie she will always give you her very best….and that is no small thing.


Best Attorney Ever

Julie Oinonen is the best attorney ever. Because she was so thorough and sharp,, the Georgia State Board of Education reversed a decision by the local board to terminate my employment (which rarely happens) and the Professional Standards Commission found no cause to sanction my certificate. I was also paid 50K for pain and suffering to avoid a lawsuit. when I tell you she is the best, believe it!!!



Julie took my case pro bono with where no money was expected to be awarded. It was more to clear my reputation. She worked many long hours and covered every detail with my best interest at heart. I highly recommend her. You won’t find many attorney’s with the passion she has.


Civil Case

After speaking with and emailing several lawyers about my case. Or shall I say to even see that I had a case. Julie, took the time to have a phone consultation and listened to what I had to say. She stated, she would review the information I gave her. After some time, she called to express her concern for me and my family, and that she will accept my case. Julie, listened to all the facts. Did her job and won my case without asking for anything in return. She has a heart for your family.


Great Georgia Lawyer!!!

Julie gave me excellent representation in a discrimination case. Her follow-up was immediate, her advice was honest and accurate. Her knowledge of the law was impressive. I can definitely say she is a great attorney. I would recommend anyone needing an attorney in her field to choose her


Relieved and Thankful

I can’t say enough about the job that Julie, and her firm, did for my family. Her fees were fair, she worked tirelessly on our behalf, but most of all, Julie was 100% committed to our case, and it showed. Our outcome could not have been better.


A Dedicated, Determined & Devoted Attorney

My 9 yr. old son was a victim of repeated bullying and violent attacks at his school for more than a year, which resulted in his front, permanent teeth being kicked out of his mouth. Subsequently, my daughter was subjected to bullying and retaliation at her school, where she was called a snitch by a school administrator for reporting these incidents. By the time, I met Julie Oinonen, I was hopeless and out of options. Mrs. Oinonen immediately empathized with our situation, carefully evaluated the details and gave me an honest, objective viewpoint. Her focus was always the best interest of my children and their safety. Her extensive knowledge of the educational system coupled with her years of experience as a lawyer, allowed her to effectively represent my children. I could not have asked for a better Attorney. Julie Oinonen has an apparent understanding of the judicial system, which allowed her to adequately represent my children. She is patient and fair, always willing to go the distance to get results. Although, I knew this case could take years to resolve, Ms.Oinonen was committed from the beginning and remained engaged throughout the entire process. She was quick to respond to my concerns and helped me understand the law and how it related to my case. My children were broken hearted from their devastating incidents at school but Ms.Oinonen handled them with respect and dignity. She was the resounding voice that consistently spoke on behalf of my children and rightfully claimed justice for them. Julie Oinonen is simply a qualified attorney, who is dedicated to her clients and the process, determined to get results and devoted to the very end.

Sharon G.

She is now a part of our family

“My wife, Kim, and I will forever be grateful to GAE for the undaunting support of your organization and for the attorney that was provided. We could not have accomplished our goal of total victory without the resources provided by GAE. The Clayton County School Board was gracious in their unanimous decision to reinstate me. Our attorney, Ms. Julie Oinonen, was steadfast in her efforts to bring our case to a successful conclusion. She is now a part of our family. I stand ready to offer my support to GAE in whatever manner is needed. I believe in GAE and its efforts to protect and support its members.”

Mr. Blackwood

NEVER gave up on me

“Words can not express my gratitude for you. Your dedication to my case was second to none. The fact that you could hear in my voice my frustration and concern, shows me you are not only a gifted attorney but also an ANGEL equipped to help others during their time of need. You NEVER gave up on me, you could have simply pushed me aside and not bothered going the extra mile. But you did and I am thankful. My career was in jeopardy due to me making a poor decision, however, God gave me a second chance. Thank you for the opportunity to redeem myself!! Your service and Georgia Association of Educators are a GOD send! Thank you!!!”

Former Client

Our outcome could not have been better

“I can’t say enough about the job that Julie, and her firm, did for my family. Her fees were fair, she worked tirelessly on our behalf, but most of all, Julie was 100% committed to our case, and it showed. Our outcome could not have been better.”

Former Client

They treated me with respect and had genuine concern

“Mario and Julie hit the ground running. I finally felt as though justice would be served and I would receive a decent settlement. They both worked diligently on my case. Whenever I called them they were available and extremely receptive. They treated me with respect and had genuine concern for my well being. When it was all said and done…They were able to get me a six figure settlement!!!! Hopefully I will not have to use their services again…but if I ever need an attorney, I will definitely use them an no one else! Remember this name “Williams Oinonen LLC. They are the truth!!!!”

Former Client

You are a life saver!

“Williams Oinonen LLC is a law firm whose attorneys command that justice be served. My case involved complex tactics on the defendant’s part to undermine my professional integrity and years of service as an educator, including denying my rights to unemployment benefits in a tough job market…Thank you again, Ms. Oinonen. You are a life saver! Everyone (my loved ones) are ecstatic with your work!”

Former Client

I highly recommend the law office of Williams Oinonen LLC

“I was new to the Atlanta area and had a case that was not important to anyone until I talked to the law office of Williams Oinonen LLC and after that I started to see thing move for me. I am so satisfied with all the effort that Williams Oinonen LLC did for me. I don’t think I would have received this kind of loyalty or support from any other firm in GA. They made it easy for me to understand what was going on every step of the way. They explained every law term in plain English with me. I have and will continue to refer people to this firm. I have yet to hear any complaints from anyone that I have sent their way. So I highly recommend the law office of Williams Oinonen LLC. If I ever need a law firm this is the only one I will call. I cannot say enough about this office. You guys are my lawyers for life!”

Tim T.