Breaking New Developments In Race Discrimination Case Featured On Television News

Posted on December 3, 2021 in
Another Williams Oinonen LLC's race discrimination case featured breaking new developments on the six o'clock evening news. Ms. Oinonen was quoted stating: "Race discrimination is a systemic issue facing African American educators all over Georgia who are being subjected to overt and explicit discrimination. In Dr. Madison's case, he was threatened with lynching and...
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Race Discrimination and Retaliation in the Workplace Results in a Lawsuit

Posted on October 31, 2021 in
“We’re going to lynch you” is the threat that Dr. William Leamon Madison, a Principal at Colquitt County Schools in south Georgia received as part of the ongoing race discrimination and retaliation he was subjected to.  As a result, Williams Oinonen LLC filed a lawsuit alleging race discrimination and retaliation which can be read here...
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Good Georgia Lawyer Wins Professional Standards Commission (PSC) Case

Posted on September 26, 2021 in
Good Georgia Education Lawyer obtained a win for educators in a PSC (Georgia Professional Standards Commission case) that was prosecuted by the Attorney General for the State of Georgia before an Administrative Law Judge. In the ALJ's decision, which can be read here, the Court completely reversed the Georgia Professional Standards Commission's decision to...
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